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๐Ÿ EZGuard security patrols and patrols in general

Why is it important that we do patrols? Smarter than us have said that There is no good than human sight and the presence of employees in the field in many cases is an influential and deterrent factor.

This is where we come into the picture , How, after all, will we maximize the patrols, make them more effective, how will we control them and use the information later on?

Using the EZGuard system we will conduct patrols using QR checkpoints that provide accurate location and time information. The system allows questions to be assigned to a specific point. That is, we will maximize and utilize the presence of the patrol employee in that spot to performing a comprehensive test (whether it is doing different system tests or a fall field check).

All information is sent at that moment to an Internet system, stored in the cloud, can be managed through status updates and can be downloaded at any time. The system will be able to update when the patrol has not been completed and lacks checkpoints and will also update when the patrol has not been completed at the set time, which allows full control over the patrols!

All this, is only one feature in the EZGuard system You want to move on to a technological, easier and more efficient life DM us or email:


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