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🐝 Paperless Workflow with EZGuard

Today is "Tu B'Shvat" holiday in the Hebrew calendar, is the new year for the number of years of the fruit of the tree in the Land of Israel

At the beginning of the 21st century, "Tu B'Shvat" also became an ecological day of celebration, in the protection of flora and fauna

We are here to remind you that it is possible (and desirable) to turn the company into Paperless company!

Yes yes, even the simple field worker can have an app that allows him to submit reports, fill out forms and do patrols without having to waste unnecessary paperwork for documentation.

Once the entire chain of a company uses an operational system for documentation and management, we not only take care of our trees and save on paper, these shorten "office" times and keep the information in one place! Available 24/7 and can be exported and analyzed

In short, operational efficiency is the name of the game

Contact us to hear more about the system, DM or by email


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