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๐Ÿ Managing and tracking tasks with EZGuard

Managing and tracking tasks - "Easier when you know where you are going" (Rinat Keren Herman)

We, as operations and security people, are used to accepting and accumulating tasks on a regular basis, every day, all day. In addition to our ongoing tasks, we are asked to do some tasks, we have a report for treatment, we need to do a follow-up on an unusual event and more

With EZGuard system you can manage all these things - tasks, forms, event reports, patrols and all this by monitoring the status of the handling in the control and monitoring view. All information is concentrated in one place with an easy and convenient interface (web interface and mobile / tablet app).

Task management tip break it down into subtasks - Instead of defining the task as one body of action, break it down into subtasks so that each part of it is defined as a small project in itself (goal management - easier when you know where you are going - the employer / Rinat Keren Herman side)

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