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๐Ÿ Events management with EZGuard

How do you manage your events/ incidents?

Still in Excel? Or do you still write down the topics in your notebook? How did you publish an event report / incident report this week? And who is doing the follow up on that report?

It's time to upgrade and move on to computerized event management, which is operated by an app from the preliminary report until the end of the event!

You are not tired of waiting for the moment you will be in front of the computer to write an "Event / Incident report"? Pursue emails and see what the status of event handling status is?

Using the EZGuard app, you can submit the preliminary report already in the app, it takes a few minutes to fill out a report on the phone, you can attach photos and videos and send it at the same time to all relevant parties.

Then, you can manage the event! By determining the status of the treatment, referring the report to the relevant parties until the end of the treatment of the incident.

Sometime later you will want to know what happened in that event/ incident? No need to flip through email history and collect puzzle pieces! You can watch the report on the EZGuard website, whenever you want, and see the treatment history in one place.

So, if you are tired of collecting puzzle pieces, chasing reports and you want an easier and more efficient life DM us or email:


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