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🐝5 reasons why to use EZGuard QR Code

  1. Easy to download and install: Using the EZGurad system, you can determine the appropriate QR codes for your facility, download them in the simplest way directly from EZGuard system and install them by home printer.

  2. Fast and convenient to use: Without a QR code, the only way to access this information is by sending a web address. Which means you have to copy the URL, go to a website, etc. and all this on a mobile phone.

  3. Error-free: Typing information manually increases the chances of human error while QR code scanning using the EZGuard system takes the information automatically.

  4. Real-time information: Once the EZGuard QR code is scanned, an immediate report is sent to the system. Information about the barcode itself, time and place, forms and reports (if any) and everything is stored in the cloud.

  5. Option to assign forms and questions to a specific location: Using the EZGuard system you can associate forms and questions with QR code and thus ensure that the form is completed on time and at the required place.

Want to hear more about installing a QR barcode? DM us or by email:


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